All the remaining candidates for the 10th Congressional District have now filed their year end (2017) fund raising and spending reports. What follows is taken from the Federal Election Commission database.


While Jeff Denham, the incumbent, leads the field in total money raised, one challenger, Josh Harder, has raised more than Denham in individual contributions. This despite the head start Denham had with money left over from previous campaigns.

Denham reported a total of $1,988,905 raised, with $644,900 in individual contributions. (32 percent of the total)

Harder reported a total of $935,949 with an individual contribution total of $926.949. (99 percent)

The big difference comes from “committee contributions”. Denham has received $1,162,137. Harder has received $1,833.

Harder has a clear lead over the other Democratic challengers, based on the 12-31-2017 year end filing posted Wednesday and yesterday. One other, major difference, is the amount loaned to the candidate’s committee by the candidate. Harder has loaned nothing; for some of the others, loans make up a major portion of their totals.

For example, TJ Cox, second highest money raiser among Democrats, reported total receipts of $408,897 with $207,500 listed as loans made to the committee from himself. That’s 50 percent.

If my math is correct, and no one should assume that to be the case, TJ raised only about $70,000 in the last quarter of 2017 from someone other than himself. (Harder raised about $300,00 during that some period).

Virginia Madueno reported $149,838 for the year with $129,436 from individual contributions (86 percent) and a loan of $10,000. She has raised more than $100,000 in the last quarter, second only to Harder.

Sue Zwahlen reported $207,055 as of 12-31-17 with $76,283 from individual contributions (37 percent), but with loans from the candidate of $130,000 (62 percent)

Dotty Nygard has raised $49,090 as of 12-31-17 with all but $3,000 of that from individual contributors.

And then there was Michael Eggman whose statement of candidacy was filed only Wednesday so he shows nothing new raised.  But he did have about $45,000 left from the $1,639,589 her raised for his second unsuccessful attempt to dethrone Denham.

Obviously, the big bucks committees for the Democrats have not yet weighed in.

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