THIS TIME: Almonds! You Can See ‘Em From Space!

Well, not really, but it seems like it. About a year ago we wrote about the potential for a glut with devastating potential consequences for growers in our area. There was concern about a diminishing demand from China.

Well, nobody stopped planting almond orchards, a testament to the power of this blog. So, they kept on planting, President Trump offered some relief if tariffs cost them money, etc. In other words, the beat goes on.

Any, assuming some had a curiosity about the continuing growth of almond plantings, we give you a tool you can play with, an interactive map which shows the orchards. You begin with view from space and can dive down to see the plantings. You can see the orchards, year by year so you can see the growth.

The tool is: You go through a sign in process and give them your email but, if you want, simply unsubscribe after you are done. On the right-hand side there are layers you can select. Try selecting 2019 acreage and 2018-2019 acreage removal.

You can really get down to a close-up of any given area. Try find the railroad station off Briggsmore in east Modesto. You can see a few acres planted just west of the station, it’s that specific.

Try it, have fun.

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